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Find out how to directly onboard your members to Intros AI or indirectly with another database like Circle

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πŸŽ‰ First off, Welcome to Intros AI!

We sincerely appreciate your decision to join us on this journey. We can't wait to help you get the most out of Intros AI. Let's not waste any time and 🀿 dive right in.

What Success Looks Like

After using Intros AI, we want you to show your peers the jaw-dropping results you were able to provide for your community. Morning Brew, On Deck, and Femtech Insider all reached these stats and we're going to help you get there too.

Your Role as Admin

As an admin, your role is crucial in creating a thriving community. We want you to feel confident in your abilities to set up a system that will create significant value for your members.

Onboarding Your Members to Intros AI

Situation: You are just starting to build your database of members and want to onboard them to Intros AI. Here's an interactive demo if you prefer more hands-on learning.

There are four primary ways to invite your members to Intros AI.

If you choose to onboard from scratch, we recommend setting up an onboarding form that helps collect each user's information.

Onboarding Your Members from an Existing Database like Circle

Situation: You already have an existing set of members in a living database and want to upload them to Intros AI without your members fill out the same information twice.

There are many types of databases that you members may already exist. For example:

There are two primary ways to upload with these existing databases. For example:

Onboarding Your Members from Scratch

πŸ’Œ Email

Best Use Case: If you want to upload a few members one by one.

πŸ’» CSV

Best Use Case: If you want to upload a large dataset of members.

βš™οΈ Zapier

Best Use Case: If you want to add/update directly from Google Sheets

πŸ”— Link

Best Use Case: If you want to add by sending directly in a group chat.

Onboarding Your Members from an Existing Database

Uploading from a CSV

With the CSV option, Circle allows you to export your member information from Circle to Intros AI. Here's an article from Circle that shows you how to export to a CSV.

Once you have the CSV exported, you're going to want to import to Intros AI. There's a way to transfer all of the categories from Circle to Intros AI.

Automatically uploading with Zapier

With Zapier, it's a little bit more complex, but definitely worth it.

You're going to want to create a new Zap. Just type "When a new member is uploaded to Circle, reflect the update in Intros AI"

Zapier will create two steps that you'll be able to add into the Zap.

Once those are connected to your desired accounts and workspaces, it should be up and running.


There are four different ways to invite members: Email, CSV, Zapier, or HTML Link.

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