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Welcome to the Members page, where you can track all members, their information, and their matches.

Utilizing Tags

Within the Members page, you can create Tags to identify and group certain members of your community.

1: Creating a Tag

For example, if you wanted to view all of the founders in your community as a group, you could create a Tag called “Founder”, as shown below.

To create a Tag, click on “Tag Manager”, then “Add Tag”, type in a Tag name, and click “Save”.

2: Using Tags

Once you’ve created a Tag, you can apply it to certain users by navigating to the “Users” tab at the top of the Tag Manager. From here, you can hit the “+” next to any user and select the tag that you would like to apply.

Utilizing Filters

Additionally, you can use the “Filters” tab to sort Members by:


For example, you could use the tag “Founder” to search for founders in your community.


For example, you could use the question “How long have you been at the company?” and the answer “8+ years” to search for people with deep expertise.

Inviting Members

Within the Members page, you can also invite new Members in a few different ways:

1: Uploading through a CSV

2: Integrating with another Product (Slack, Discord, etc.)

3: Inviting Members through an Onboarding Link

Viewing Members

Additionally, you can toggle through different filters or use the search function to find specific members of your community. As shown below, you can sort members by:

Active Tab

In the active tab, you will see all members who have accepted an invite.

Invited Tab

In the invited tab, you will see all of the members that have been invited (through email or CSV).

Invites to opt-in would go to the Invited Tab.

Invites to opt-out would go to the Active Tab.

You may also manually activate members if you’d like to speed up the process.

In order to do that, click the “check” mark on the actions, then the member will be marked as active.

Pending Tab

In the pending tab, you will see all of the members who have joined via an onboarding form (in the case that the admin has selected “I will manually approve them” seen in the general settings) or been uploaded from a third party source (e.g. Zapier).

Members may be in the pending tab for 2 reasons:

  • The member joined via the onboarding form created by the admin and “manually approve members” was toggled on in the general settings page.

  • The admin uploaded the members.

Things you can do in the Pending tab:

  • Approve the member (by clicking the check mark on the actions). The member will then be marked as active.

  • Delete a member (then they will be marked as inactive).

Inactive Tab

In the inactive tab, you will see all of the members who are inactive.

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