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View your Members' Experience
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Creating the Best Member Experience

Understanding the blueprint of successful community engagement within Intros AI is pivotal for members to unlock its full potential.

​Immediate Use Cases for Members

From the moment members step into Intros AI, they’re met with opportunities to request introductions to other community members, join an upcoming round of introductions, and change or update their own profile and preferences.

Requesting Introductions

1: Utilizing Filters

Suppose I’m planning a trip to Austin, TX next month and want to connect with a founder/VC in the EdTech space.

Go to the “Filters” tab

Note: We chose “Hosting a Directory” on the admin panel to give you the perspective when members have the choice to make their own introductions.

2: Locations

Insert “Austin, TX” under “Locations”

This should narrow down the search quite a bit. Let’s click apply.

3: Requesting an Intro

Identify a member that fits your criteria.

Perfect! It looks like David is a good match. He’s a former founder and current VC that’s interested in the EdTech space. I’ll send over an introduction request.

4: Personalizing a Request

Note: Before the note is submitted to David, you will be able to choose your time slot first.

5: Selecting a Time

Let’s go with Monday the 26th at 5:30PM EST.

Amazing! Just booked the introduction with the time sent. Looks like the invitation will come in shortly.

Joining Upcoming Rounds

It’s been a busy week. Let’s join this week’s round.

Changing Preferences

Navigate to "View Profile" to easily upload a profile picture, edit phone number, and more!

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