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Welcome to the Customization page, where you can personalize your Member Profile, Onboarding, and Feedback Forms.

Member Profile

You can customize the information that you would like your members to answer during onboarding, including things like member bio, location, job & company, education, and more. You may also include additional questions under the “Additional” tab.

Onboarding Form

You can view and customize the Onboarding Form for your members, including things like the welcome slide, basic information, and even add your own questions.

Feedback Form

Here, you can see the Feedback Form that will be sent to members after Intros have been completed. It will collect information such as match fit, key takeaways from the conversation, and interest in reconnecting. You can also add custom questions to the form.

The feedback form is important for the Intros AI team to better understand how we can better serve users and improve their overall experience.

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