(2/5): Invited Members ✅ Personalize Invitations

Learn how to Customize Your Invitation

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Interactive Demo

Here's an interactive demo if you prefer more hands-on learning.

(Step 1/2) Customize Your Invitation

Choose whether your members will "Opt-In" or "Opt-Out"

After they receive the invitation, your members can choose whether to join the group ("Opt-In") or choose to leave the group ("Opt-Out"). For now, choose "Opt-In".

Customize Your Email

After clicking "Edit Template", you can edit your copy directly

(Step 2/2) Invite your first members to the platform

Click "Invite Members" to invite your first batch of members.

The invitation looks like this from their perspective

Tip: Before sending, you can change your email signature. Head to "Club Settings" > "Communications" > "Customize & Insights".


Congratulations! By customizing and sending out invitations, you've taken a significant step in growing your community. This is just the beginning of creating a space where members can engage, connect, and find meaningful matches.

Next Steps

Ready to take your community to the next level? Now that you've invited your members, it's time to configure your matching rules to ensure the best possible connections.

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