(4/5): Matches Set Up ✅ Schedule Introductions

Navigate to "Intro Rounds", Schedule Your First Introduction Round, & View Your Upcoming Round.

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Let's Recap

✅ Created our customizing matching form.

✅ Invited our first batch of members.

✅ Configured matching rules.

We're Almost There!

⬜️ Set up our First Round of Introductions.

⬜️ Polish up with Final Touches.

What Success Looks Like

You will understand how to set up introduction rounds and schedule your first one.

For a more interactive demo you can click the picture below, or follow this link: intros-ai.navattic.com/e32n0ump.

Understanding Introduction Rounds

What is an Intro Round?

What is an Intro Round? An Intro Round is a scheduled set of introductions made between members in your community. These become especially useful as you begin to scale your community and want to start automating introductions without sacrificing quality.

Navigate to "Intro Rounds"

Head to "Matching Section" > "Intro Rounds"

Click "Schedule Intro Round"

Schedule Your First Introduction Round

Choose a Time to Send the Invitation

Pro Tip: Allow a few days between sending the invitation and making the introductions.

Schedule when to send your invitations

Choose "Send Calendar Invite w/ Intro"

Note: We will cover the other two scheduling options in a separate article.

Choose "None" for Repeat

Pro Tip: You can repeat these rounds every week, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Choose Opt-In

Hit Done

View Your Upcoming Round


Congratulations! You've successfully scheduled your first round of introductions. This crucial step ensures that your community members are introduced to each other in a structured and timely manner, fostering meaningful connections and enhancing their experience.

Next Steps

You're on the brink of something extraordinary! With your first round of introductions scheduled, it's time to watch your community thrive as members connect and engage.

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