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Invite Admin, View Insights, & Switch Between Matching Methods.

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πŸŽ‚ Final Touches

The "Final Touches" section is where you can fine-tune your club's setup, ensuring that every detail is perfect before launch. Here, you can refine your branding, communication templates, and member settings for a seamless and exceptional member experience.

What Success Looks Like

You'll know how to navigate the admin settings panel to change your branding and gather relevant insights from your community.

For a more interactive demo you can click the picture below, or follow this link: intros-ai.navattic.com/rtk0ql9.

Accepting Members: Manual or Automatic

Go to "Customize & Insights," then "Club Settings" > "General Settings."

Change Your Company's Logo

Under "Customize & Insights" head to "Club Settings" > Branding

Note: When you change your logo, Intros AI will apply the update to every communication option. So, this will appear in your welcome emails, invitations, etc.

Invite Admin

Navigate to Customize & Insights > Club Settings > Team

Change Your Email Signature

Scroll down to "Communications"

Switch Between Matching Methods

Head to Dashboard" > "Matching"

There are two Matching Methods: Automated 1:1 Connections & Hosting a Directory.

Note: Automated 1:1 Connections automatically pair members for introductions based on set criteria, streamlining the connection process. Hosting Directory, on the other hand, allows members to browse and request introductions with others in the community, giving them more control over their connections.

View Insights


Intros Made




Congratulations on completing the onboarding process! You've added the final touches to your platform, ensuring that every detail is perfect for launch. Your club is now ready to start creating meaningful connections and fostering a vibrant community.

Next Steps

Ready to elevate your community's member experience? Discover how to create an engaging and meaningful environment for your members today!

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