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Learn What Matching Rules Are, Learn the Significance of Matching Rules, Find the Matching Rules Section, & Set Your First Matching Rule.

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Next Step: Creating Matching Rules

Let's learn how to better match our members.

What Success Looks Like

Your members will be appropriately matched based on these rules.

For a more interactive demo you can click the picture below, or follow this link: intros-ai.navattic.com/fu1l0a50.

🧬 Matching Rules


Matching Rules

The guidelines we use to decide how to connect members, like matching them based on their interests or where they live.

Significance of Matching Rules

Matching rules ensure members connect with similar interests, enhancing interactions and community value. They foster meaningful connections, supporting a vibrant community vision. Let's first learn how to find the matching rules section.

Find the Matching Rules Section

Head to Matching > Matching Rules > Matching Form Rules

Remember: This question is being pulled from our original matching form that we created in Part 1.

Choose "Matching on Similarity"

Matching on Similarity Example:
Imagine you have a group of members who have indicated their preferences for weekend activities:

  • Member 1: Loves hiking, enjoys reading, interested in cooking

  • Member 2: Enjoys hiking, loves cooking, interested in photography

  • Member 3: Loves photography, enjoys cooking, interested in hiking

Match on Similarity:

In this case, "Match on Similarity" means that the system will pair members based on how closely their preferences align. For example:

  • Member 1 might be matched with Member 2 because they both enjoy hiking and have an interest in cooking.

  • Member 2 could also be matched with Member 3 since they both love cooking and have an interest in another shared activity (hiking for Member 2 and photography for Member 3).

This way, members are paired with others who have similar interests, making it more likely that they'll enjoy their time together and form meaningful connections.
Note: We chose "Matching on Similarity" to make things simple. We will have another article that explains the other three types of rules with in-depth examples.


Well done! You've successfully set your first matching rule. This crucial step ensures that your members are matched based on shared interests, common goals, or other relevant factors, paving the way for meaningful and valuable connections in your community.

Next Steps

The magic is just beginning! With your matching rules in place, it's time to set up your first round of introductions and watch your community come to life.

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